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Recycled paper?

You just might be surprised at all that can be done with recycled paper besides having it hauled to a landfill. Our motto is “Use Today. Reuse Tomorrow,” and what follows will give you a good idea of how we at Tascon reuse recycled paper that you originally read and tossed away. Not only are our products safe, efficient and economical, but their use helps our environment and reduces reliance on non-renewable resources. The following provides some insight and history of Tascon.

Incorporated in 1976, the Company began manufacturing cellulose insulation for homes in the Houston area in early 1977. Due to an international oil embargo and the resulting increase in home heating cost, the demand for insulation significantly increased to a point where there was a shortage of supply. This presented an opportunity for Tascon to manufacture and sell cellulose insulation. Of course, several years later, the supply shortage was over, which meant that the qualities of cellulose insulation had to stand on their own in order to compete in the marketplace. Hence, our marketing efforts were re-directed to educating the building industry and home-buying public the thermal control, air sealing, sound control, and environmental friendliness characteristics of cellulose insulation. Unfortunately, Tascon struggled for many years, not because of the poor economics or because cellulose insulation did not measure up to its competition. Rather, it was because home builders didn’t think that home buyers would be willing to spend one-time 10–15% more to install better insulation in their homes to reduce utility bills. Consequently, over the next 15 years or so, the demand for cellulose insulation did not grow in popularity because home buyers were not yet sufficiently concerned about energy costs, allowing the home builders to continue offering the standard insulation products.

Today is a whole new vision

Energy costs are at an all-time high, home builders are designing homes with energy efficiency and conservation as high priorities, and the demand for green products is read and heard about hourly on internet, TV, iPhone, newspapers and radio. Certainly, the demand for and use of cellulose insulation has jumped. But manufacturing cellulose insulation was just the starting point. In mid-80’s, Tascon began manufacturing and selling a paper-based hydro-mulch for growing grass. Then over the last 20 years, several more green products were developed that are not only safe to humans and the environment, but being made from recycled paper uses little embedded energy to produce.

Tascon Industries, Inc. is located in Houston, Texas, on 5 acres of land and 20,000 square feet under roof. It employs 40 people and uses over 16,000 tons per year of recycled paper to manufacture its products which are sold to customers in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and several foreign countries. Tascon sells products into the retail (“do-it-yourself”), commercial, industrial, horticulture, governmental, pet, pest control and agricultural industries.

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Tascon manufactures and markets the following products under the EnviroGuard® brand:

EnviroGuard Cellulose Insulation

New home and retrofit applications; Excellent insulating and sound control properties; for use exterior walls, partition walls, floor and attic assemblies.

EnviroGuard Commercial Spray-On Insulation

Spray-on recycled cellulose insulation designed to be aesthetically appealing as an exposed finish wall and ceiling product; Offers a wide spectrum of benefits including thermal control, condensation control, and sound control (both reverberation and transmission).

EnviroGuard ProSorb Absorbents

Small recycled paper particulate with high absorbency rate for collecting liquids for disposal.

EnviroGuard Animal Bedding

Recycled paper nodules with high absorbency rate distributed on surface for collecting liquids and odors.

EnviroGuard Mosquito Repellent

Small recycled paper nodules containing cedar oil whose vapor repels mosquitoes and other flying insects.

EnviroGuard Hydraulic Mulch

Recycled wood/ paper nodules, dyed green for appearance, later mixed with grass seed and fertilizer, and sprayed hydraulically over ground surface; most economical method of growing grass.

EnviroGuard Landscape Mulch

Recycled paper nodules, dyed earth colors, spread around flower beds to conserve water & give distinctive appearance.

EnviroGuard Container Top-Dress Mulch

Small recycled paper nodules, dyed earth colors, spread on top of container plants to conserve water & give distinctive appearance.

EnviroGuard Lawn Patch

Small recycled paper nodules with grass seed & fertilizer incorporated, spread on barren ground spots to re-grow grass.

EnviroGuard Container Media

Small nodules composed of recycled wood & recycled paper, containing organic fertilizer, for growing plants.

EnviroGuard Erosion Form-Fit Blanket

Recycled paper nodules containing fertilizer, spread on steeper slopes to protect against soil erosion.

Recycling Services

Tascon, in addition to manufacturing green products, is a full service recycling center for the City of Houston and surrounding communities. Through residential, school, church, and industrial programs, it collects newspapers, cardboard, magazines, junk mail, telephone books, books, plastics, aluminum, and other metals. These items are then used to make products or sorted, baled, and re-sold to other manufacturers both domestically and internationally.

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