EnviroGuard ProSorb Absorbents

ProSorb quality absorbents are manufactured primarily from recycled post-consumer cellulose fiber and are designed to instantly contain and collect liquids, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Typical applications include:

  • absorbing oil/liquid spilled on floors
  • cleaning out tanks and vats
  • containing & collecting oil/liquid around equipment
  • preventing oil/liquid from entering drains
  • collecting oil/liquid for recycling or disposal

ProSorb absorbents are quicker, easier, and more economical.

  • instant absorption on contact with liquid
  • less waste — ProSorb absorbs up to 12 times its weight (almost 24 times more than clay)
  • leaves surfaces clean & dry
  • lower disposal costs
  • easy to recycle absorbed liquids
  • can reuse multiple times

Universal Absorbents

EnviroGuard universal absorbents absorb virtually all liquid spills. Click here for EnviroGuard oil-only absorbents.

EnviroGuard ProSorb XL

A light-weight, loose material able to absorb 12 times its weight in liquid. Ideal for cleaning out tanks and vats.

ProSorb XL is packaged in a loose form for professional remediation use. ProSorb XL is specially treated to absorb and hold non-aggressive oil- and water-based liquids for later disposal. Because of its composition, ProSorb XL acts like a sponge, able to quickly absorb a broad range of liquids such as oils, cutting fluids, coolants, water, and many other hazardous/problem liquids from spills and leaks occurring in places from warehouses to sludge remediation sites.

EnviroGuard ProSorb XC

A heavier, more dense material able to absorb 5 times its weight in liquid. Ideal for sweeping up in shops and maintenance areas.

ProSorb XC is manufactured loose but in high-density form. It is ideal for quickly wicking up spills and leaks of non-aggressive liquids where wind or foot traffic are present and would blow away a lighter material.

EnviroGuard ProSorb XP

ProSorb XP is specifically designed as a packaging material for non-agressive hazardous liquids. Although relatively light weight, it is manufactured in high density modules for effective cushioning while still retaining the ability to quickly absorb spills and leaks from broken or defective containers.

EnviroGuard ProSorb Pillows and Socks

Pillows and long socks filled with ProSorb XL for collecting and containing spills and drips.

ProSorb Pillows and Socks are manufactured from a cellulose/polyester cover material and filled with PRO SORB XL. ProSorb Pillows are manufactured in 15" X 15" squares and are ideally used as a throw-down item to catch and retain leaks, drips, and spills. ProSorb Socks are manufactured in standard 3" X 48" and 3" X 96" tubes, and are ideally suited for containing and absorbing spills, for dams around drains, and as safety barriers around 55 gal. drums and other containers.

EnviroGuard Oil-Only Absorbents

These absorbents are designed to collect and contain oil-based liquids including oil, grease, coolants, solvents, and fuels. These products will not collect water.

  • Instant absorption on contact with oil-based liquid
  • Use less product because of its high absorbency rate
  • Lower transportation cost by hauling more oil-based liquid and less clay absorbents
  • Lower disposal cost because less total material is being disposed of
  • Can recycle absorbed oil-based liquids
  • Can use sorbent material several times if not fully saturated
  • Can be incinerated
  • Not a health hazard in that it does not contain any silica as do clay absorbents

EnviroGuard ProSorb XLH

A light-weight, loose sorbent able to absorb up to 10 times its weight in oil-based liquid.

Ideal to use to clean out tanks and vats where maximum absorption is desired and wind won’t disperse the sorbent.

EnviroGuard ProSorb XCH

A heavier, denser form of ProSorb XLH able to absorb 5 times its weight in oil-based liquids.

Ideal throw down or blow out on surfaces where oil-based liquids have spilled. Can also be used on water surfaces where oil has pooled. This product will float on water, absorbing oil-based liquids floating on the water surface.

ProSorb XPH

A heavier, denser form of ProSorb XCH able to absorb 3 times its weigh in liquid.

Ideal for use where oil-based liquids, have pooled on the ground and/or water surface and sorbent must be dropped by airplane or helicopter.

Product Specifications

Composition is post-consumer recycled paper.

  • Ash content after incineration: < 4%
  • Absorption capacity:
    • ProSorb XLH: 10x its weight
    • ProSorb XCH: 5x its weight
    • ProSorb XPH: 3x its weight
  • Disposal: incineration or landfill according to government regulations
  • Toxicity: ProSorb is non-toxic prior to collecting any liquids
  • Storage: Keep in dry place away from flame or high heat producing sources
  • Should not be used with strongly oxidizing acids, liquids or materials
  • This product will take on the flammability characteristics of the liquids it absorbs
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