Tascon's EnviroGuard™ Landscape Mulch as applied in an industrial setting.

Just pour from the bag

EnviroGuard Landscape Mulch — Weed Control & Water Conservation in One Unique Product

  • stops weeds before they start
  • enriches soil throughout the season
  • made from 100% recycled paper
  • herbicide-free

EnviroGuard is a revolutionary new product developed in conjunction with the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture and tested at Auburn University, Texas A&M University System and at numerous commercial growers. This environmentally friendly product is manufactured from recycled paper and plant growth materials. It contains no harmful herbicidal chemicals. When EnviroGuard mulch is surface applied as a weed block, it creates a solid barrier that virtually eliminates weed growth. When it is tilled into the soil at season's end, it gives added organic matter and slowly releases nutrients to supplement your fertilization program.

EnviroGuard in Brown

EnviroGuard Brown

Use in Landscape Beds and Container Plants

As EnviroGuard absorbs water, it forms a seal which prevents weed growth. So effective, a single 1" application lasts all season.

  • annual beds
  • perennial beds
  • patio containers
  • hanging baskets
  • around paths and walkways
EnviroGuard in Red

EnviroGuard Rust

Important Benefits

  • Eliminates Weed Growth—EnviroGuard forms a solid barrier completely blocking out weeds
  • Safe for You and the Environment—EnviroGuard is completely nontoxic and contains no chemical herbicides
  • Conserves Water—Actually absorbs and holds five times its weight in water, releasing moisture to the soil slowly over time
  • Saves Time—Spend less time watering and weeding
  • Controls Erosion—Protects soil from wind and rain, resists washing away, even in heavy dounpours
  • Easy to Apply—Just spread a 1" covering over the top of the soil for a whole season's protection
  • Great Looking—The beauty of plants and flowers is naturally enhanced with several earthtones to choose from
EnviroGuard at Commercial Grower

Tested and approved by commercial growers

Kick-start New Plant Growth

At season's end, till EnviroGuard into the soil for added organic matter to kick-start growth of next season's plants. Rejuvenates mature plants, too!

It's high carbon content is just what micro-organisms in the soil feed on—the same micro-organisms that naturally generate the nitrogen and other nutrients plants and flowers need to grow and thrive.

  • increases aeration, providing needed oxygen to plant roots
  • conserves water by increasing water retention of soil
  • increases soil drainage
  • won't burn plant roots like ordinary fertilizers
  • easy to apply—just pour from the bag and till
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